Grassroots Gathering Five: a step forward for the movement

This is a quick personal report on the fifth Grassroots Gathering, which ran from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th June in the Teachers' Club, Dublin. The Gathering is a network of activists and groups opposed to neo-liberalism who are committed to non-hierarchical ways of organising and the use of direct action. It's been in existence for two years, giving birth to the Grassroots Network Against War last year. Each Gathering is independently organised by a local team who take it on themselves to create the space within which activists meet, discuss and organise actions.

Detailed Report from the Tenth Grassroots Gathering

Detailed report from Tenth Grassroots Gathering, consisting of a brief overview of what went on, plus minutes/notes from those workshops which have produced minutes/report backs.

A Short History of the Grassroots Gathering

Rossport Gathering

Bt the end of 2006 the Grassroots Gatherings had been on going for half a decade. These are left-libertarian get-togethers involving anything between 100 and 250 people, they take place usually three times a year, with the location and organising team switching location each time, to avoid Dublin-centrism. Grassroots Gatherings have taken place in the west on three occasions (Limerick, Galway, and Mayo), in Dublin three times , and in Belfast and Cork twice.  This article written for by Terry looks at the gatherings in this period and what came out of it.

The Grassroots Gathering principles

These are the principles agreed in advance of the 1st Grassroots Gathering in 2001 and under which all Grassroots Gathering activity has been carried out.
The Grassroots Gathering aims towards a network which would:
- Be based on the principle that people should control their own lives and work together as equals, as part of how we work as well as what we are working towards.

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