Some research around the Grassroots Gatherings

Three pieces of research looking at the Grassroots Gatherings from different angles - what we mean by winning, what happens when police try to make protesting a crime, and how Grassroots fits into the wider history of movements in Ireland.
- Liz Curry and Laurence Cox, "Revolution in the air: images of winning in the Irish anti-capitalist movement" (2010). Based on a workshop and survey carried out at the 2008 gathering as well as interviews and online discussion, just as the economic crisis was starting to bite. Available online here:
- Ealair ni Dhorchaigh and Laurence Cox, "When is an assembly riotous, and who decides? The success and failure of police attempts to criminalise protest" (2011). Based on research about the Garda riot at Reclaim the Streets 2002 in Dublin, the policing of Dublin Grassroots Network's EU summit protest in 2004 and policing in Rossport up to around 2010. Available online here:
- Laurence Cox, "News from nowhere: the movement of movements in Ireland" (2006). A longer-term view of where networking between movements in Ireland fits into Irish history and society, based partly on online discussions with Grassroots activists and others. Available online here:
These aren't the only pieces of research done on Grassroots, just the ones I have immediate access to ;-) The language and shape is obviously affected by what the editors wanted in each case (very different to the Red and Black Revolution article currently on the front page of this site) and it takes for ever to get from a first draft to actual publication. But there may be something of interest if only in looking back and comparing how things stood in the past decade to where we are now (and thinking what might now be possible).