Grassroots Unite - Get out on the streets this Saturday

The name is a little confusing - this was set up by the SIPTU Education branch from a public meeting and is considerably broader than the Grassroots principles as it includes SWPers and other authoritarian socialists.  Still well worth supporting / getting involved in, I was postering for it last weekend.
Fight the Crisis: Put People First
On 16th May, a day of action has been called by the European Trade Union Congress under the banner ‘Fight The Crisis. Put People First.’
Grassroots Unite are calling on everyone - trade unionist or not, public AND private sector workers and the unemployed to get out on the streets and protest against the bailout of the banks, socially unjust taxes, pension and income levies, cuts in jobs, pay, hours, pension benefits, medical services, education and social welfare.
Let’s unite with workers across Europe and use the opportunity to begin to build a fightback in Ireland. Assemble at the Central Bank, Dame St., Dublin - 2.30pm on May 16th.
Grassroots Unite is an alliance of trade unionists from several unions which was formed on Monday, 27th April, at an open meeting held to discuss grassroots mobilisation against the pension levy and budget cuts etc.
The meeting was also aimed at providing a forum for discussion on the current situation and the poor response of the ICTU. About 50 trade unionists from different unions gathered and impassioned discussions ensued. Points of action and progression were agreed to show dissatisfaction at the current situation and how it has been handled by union leaders, beginning with a protest on 16th May.