Forum posting rules

Grassroots forum Posting rules

A. General principles

Each individual is responsible for what they write. You are expected to treat others with the same respect you expect from them - do not forget that there are real people behind usernames.

Do not post anything you know to be false, defamatory, obscene, offensive, hurtful or invasive of a person's privacy. While debating and discussion is fine, rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts will not be tolerated.

This forum is for those who are interested in class struggle anarchism regardless of organisation. In the real world arguments exist between different organisations and individuals. It is acceptable to discuss these here _but_ such discussions should not include insults or unsubstantiated accusations.   Flame wars do no one any good and will just demoralize new participants and discredit all those who participate.

Posts of an openly racist, fascist or sexist nature will be removed and the poster will be banned as will those that are homophobic or sectarian (in the religious sense).

Laddish humour doesn't interest us and may be misunderstood so no off-color pictures or graphics, supposedly ironic' homophobia, sexism, racism etc.

B. Posting methods

Please post new topics in the relevant sub-forum. If you have a topic that does not fit into any of the existing categories please post it in the General forum.

No multiple postings - do not post the same topic in different sub-fora.

Having more than one username is only permitted if it is for security reasons. Do not use a second username to agree with yourself for example or use multiple usernames in order to cause havoc. Using a second ID to troll or because your posting rights have been suspended will result in a permanent ban for all of your ID's and may also result in the deletion of all posts made from any of these ID's.

C. Other stuff we don't want to see

1. Individual disputes

The board wasn't set up to facilitate discussions about individuals, but discussions between individuals and organisations about politics and strategies.

If a discussion is about differences between GroupA and GroupB, that's fine. If a discussion is about different approaches to political issues, different understanding or different strategies, that's fine.

But if a discussion is about what X individual said or did, that isn't fine. That is not a discussion for (this) forum, as it's meaningless to people who don't understand who the personalities being talked about are.

Debate has to be at at a level that people from other countries who may face similar questions can participate in.

We also don't want to see people pursuing vendettas against other posters across multiple threads.

Users should think about how their posts look to people from the outside. In-jokes, joshing and cliquish behavior may seem innocuous to those in the know, but from the outside it can be off-putting. Please make sure not to derail serious threads with in-crowd humor.

2. Outing

Don't use people's real name in a post if they use a pseudonym for political activity and do not link a pseudonym with someone's real world identity. Likewise do not post details of someones workplace or where they live. Breach of this may result in an immediate ban. If you think there is good reason to expose someone's identity do so only by PMing the mods with an explanation of why you think this is needed.

3. Flames in serious posts

When making a serious post don't mix flaming it with it. For instance we don't want you to tell people their arguments are stupid or idiotic while you explain why they are wrong.

E. Enforcement

While these rules cover most common situations, everything cannot be anticipated. Therefore, the moderators reserve the right to take any actions deemed appropriate to ensure the site is not disrupted or abused in any way.

Failure to comply with any of the above rules will lead to a poster's posting rights being suspended for a minimum period of 48 hours after which they will need to apologise and promise to respect the rules in the future before their posting rights are restored. Repeated re-offence despite warnings will lead to complete deactivation of your account and banning from the site.

F. Discussion of moderation

If you have a question about moderating PM the moderators.  There will be no discussion of moderating on any other threads

Based on the rules used for the Anarchist Black Cat forums