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These forums are only visible to people who have a Grassroots Account on the site (ie who agree with the Grassroots Gathering principles) and their contents should not show up in google searches. Keep in mind though that it is very easy to evesdrop on the internet so don't post anything here that you wouldn't say on a telephone.
Post threads specific to any particular region in here. Over time we'll create specific regional subforums as they appear useful
2 2 8 years 40 weeks ago
by Davy carlin
Regional forum for Dublin
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Forum for discussion of the organising of the next Grassroots Gathering, just keep reusing this forum as each gathering passes for the next.
2 5 8 years 40 weeks ago
by Davy carlin
Forums for discussion of specific projects that come out of the Grassroots Gathering, eg Grassroots Netowrk Against The War (GNAW) from 2003 days.
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Anyone can read these forums although only Grassroots Gathering account holders can post to them. Stuff posted here will turn up in google and other search engines so keep that in mind. Good for reposting public announcements for stuff other than grassroots activity, interesting articles etc.
Repost articles or links to articles that you found interesting here.
3 4 5 years 30 weeks ago
by Laurence C
Repost announcements, event ads etc that are not part of the Grassroots Gathering here. Grassroots Gathering stuff will be posted to the front page of the site by admins.
9 10 5 years 24 weeks ago
by andrewf
Social chit chat and nonsense but behave!
2 9 8 years 36 weeks ago
by jerrieann
Anything that doesn't appear to obviously fit in anywhere else
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Discussion of the technical side of the site
A private discussion forum for the admins of the site to sort out issues like moderation
7 13 8 years 41 weeks ago
by andrewf
We'll post changes made to the site here and you can ask questions about how it runs
3 6 8 years 39 weeks ago
by andrewf