Program of 3rd Grassroots Gathering in Belfast: Oct 25-28 2002

The 3rd Grassroots Gathering: The third Grassroots Gathering takes place in Belfast from the 25th - 28th of October (A Bank Holiday weekend in the Republic). It's happening at Giros. The Belfast GG kicks of with a 'critical mass' action on Friday the 25th meeting at City Hall at 5.30pm (so bring your bike if you can).

Workshops & discussions will take place throughout Saturday & Sunday. There are planned around 20 workshops, on issues such as gender, direct action, Sellafield,Peoples Global Action, Media Activism, creating social spaces, European Social Consulta, Anti-war Actions. There will be entertainment throughout the weekend with films, games & music (Giros hosts Irelands only d.i.y. venue 'the Centre'). Monday the 28th has been set-aside for Actions, which will be planned over the weekend.

Accommodation (crash space) is available, there will be kids activities, wholesome, tasty, & cheap vegan food will be provided. Please contact us & tell us your coming so wehave an idea how many people to expect.

If you have any special dietary/accommodationneeds please contact us so we can accommodate you. Giros disabled access is not good if you have special needs please contact us in advance & we will try to work something out.

Over the weekend volunteers will be needed for various task, specifically cooking & helping with kids activities. If you'd like to volunteer in advance that would be great.

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To find Giros (thevenue, our DIY social centre), you first find the front of the City Hall, walk down that road as far as the Belfast Telegraph building (near the cathedral), turn left, past the Irish News (right), past the statue of Lenin (left) until you come to a pub with a tacky flashing red neon sign called the Front Page. Opposite this is an alleyway, and down here is Giros.

On Friday 25th, we kick off with a critical mass at the front of City Hall at 5.30, followed by a meeting about upcoming anti-war actions at 7pm in Giros, where people can register for accomodation.

Sat 26th and Sun 27th, we start at 11 am, and finish at 6 pm, with three rounds of three workshops each. This is followed by general partying. Food is available cheap from the Cafe, supervised play activities for kids is organised, etc. etc. Mon 28this our Food Not Bombs launch, so there's a bit of action, too.

The list of workshops (not comprehensive) is:

Direct Action against War
Collectives and Cooperatives
Students against Fees
Campaign against Sellafield
Workers' Control and Sectarianism
Media and Communication
European Social Consulta
Forest Gardening
Shannon Warport

Collectives and Social Centres
Arrest and Interrogation
Legal Issues
Reclaim the Streets!
Direct Democracy in the Russian Revolution
Radical Walking Tour of Belfast
People's Global Action
Gender Workshop
Direct Action