Program for 2nd Grassroots Gathering - Cork March 29th 2002

A session at the second gathering in progress

This is the original program for the 2nd Grassroots Gathering in Cork with a couple of photos taken during the Gathering.


Second Grassroots Gathering: taking back control of our lives

Cork Autonomous Zone, Knapp St. (beside Cork ArtsTheatre / CATClub, across the bridge from the Opera House) March 29th(from 7.30 on) and 30th (11 am till late)

Skills-based workshops by activists, for activists, to make links across movements

worldwide networking against capitalist globalisation - direct action against war - yoga - alternative economic organisation - the criminalisation of activism - drumming - animal rights - where to after Sept. 11th? - gender and activism -meditation - and more!

Easter Sunday - join the protest at the Old Head of Kinsale

The Grassroots Gathering is a bottom-up network of activists from different movements committed to anti-authoritarian radical action. You can see more about it on the Web at

A detailed timetable etc. will be available soon -contact if you need more details or phone

"Clay workshop" - this workshop involved groups of people making an island together and trying to live together on it,seeing what they needed for day-to-day life and overcoming problems as they came across them! I enjoyed it.. was active, fun, creative and messy!
Clary Workshop at GG2 Timetable for Cork Grassroots Gathering

    March 29 - 7.30pm evening intro session, PGA talk, followed by socializing mania!
    March 30th - 11am - 7pm workshops 2/3 parallel sessions
    March 31st - some buses will be provided to go to Kinsale to the OldHead!

Definite workshops:

- People's Global Action - intro to the truely worldwide movement
- Alternative economic organisations - ecological, ethical money..possible?
- Criminalisation of activists - you terrorist, me activist
- Animal rights - helping our fury and scaley friends
- Where to after Sept. 11th? - more plane-proof skyscrapers please!
- Gender + activism - men are from mars..Women rather they'd stayed there!
- Drumming - community co-operation in practise!
- Yoga - do da twist baby!
- Meditation - in case you wanna catch some winks! AHEM..reach a higher level...
- Non-hierarchical orgs. - working practicalities, reclaiming our lives back from never-ending MEETINGS!
- Moulding our New World - dirty, sticky, gungey clay workshop!
- Techniques of direct action, non violence - for No to War campaign, flag that plane down!
- Debate on violence and non-violence - two speakers

unconfirmed workshops:

- Presentation by the UK women about the PGA conference in Bolivia
- Chaos theory and complex adaptive systems - new Business structures taking their cue from mother nature
- Juggling (Eoin O'Bs looking for someone)
- 30-minute walks around Cork - alternative green tour? - ANY TAKERS? Da locals?


Need somewhere to sleep at the gathering bring a sleeping bag and you'll get floor space in someones home or in the CAZ itself.

Lost or confused phone XXX

Obviously when the gathering is on the mobile is a better bet

Map showing location of CAZ

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