Previous Gatherings

The Grassroots Gatherings have been going since 2001. Over that period of time different websites were used to promote the events and to record what happened. These are not all still in existence, over the next while we will assemble what we can and place it here.

In the meantime here's an incomplete list of previous Gatherings and where they took place.

Grassroots Gatherings to date

1) Dublin (Teachers' Club and Spacecraft), November 2001. Global and local: a grassroots gathering.

2) Cork (Cork Autonomous Zone), March 2002. Taking back control of our lives”.

3) Belfast (Giros), October 2002. (no title)

The Belfast gathering saw the setting up of Grassroots Network Against the War (GNAW) which was active into 2004

4) Limerick (Locus), March 2003. Community, environmental and global justice activism”.

5) Dublin (Teachers Club), June 2003. (no title)

6) Galway (UCG), November 2003. (no title)

Between the Galway and Cork Grassroots Gatherings the Dublin Grassroots Network was set up to organise opposition to the 2004 EU summit over the Mayday weekend in Dublin

7) Cork (Mayfield retreat centre), March 2004. (no title)

8 ) Belfast (QUB and around), October 2004. Building safe communities, addressing gender bias and racism.

9) Dublin (St Nicholas of Myra community hall), April 2005. The death of partnership / what now for grassroots activism? / gender

10) Erris (Rossport Solidarity Camp), August 2005. Local community campaigns

11) Dublin (Casadh, Newmarket Square, D8), June 2008

12) Cork, (The Other Space), November 2008

13) Galway, (NUIG), October 2012

14) Dublin (Bosco Centre, Drimnagh), April 2015