Mayday 2004 guidelines for Bring the Noise march on Farmleigh

Guidelines for the Noisy Block
Meeting 6pm at Parkgate St/Benburb St

Attention all noisy disaffected people!

Come join the Dublin Grassroots Network march, as we disrupt the salubrious dinner of the heads of state, paid for with OUR taxes! Let warmongers Blair and Berlusconi know that we disagree with their violence & aggression. Let Bertie know that we do not care for his policies of cutbacks, corruption & croneyism. Let the leaders of Fortress Europe know that we do not share their vision of an exclusionary EU superstate - everyone is welcome here, regardless of origin.

Our intention is to have a loud, vociferous and colourful march. We will raise the roof off Farmleigh House with the sounds of our discontent! Please bring saucepan lids and spoons, pots and pans, whistles and kazoos, sound systems & fog horns, musical instruments, drums, and any other noisemaking instruments you can get your hands on.

We intend to get as close to Farmleigh as possible so that those inside can hear our chorus as they eat their expensive fine meals. We have the right to protest - any denial of our right to march is a denial of our civil liberties. The Dublin Grassroots Network march will be lead off by a banner and white flags. If you want to stay with the march, follow the flags.

As it is a relatively long march towards the baron's banquet in Farmleigh House, we will be stopping along the way for food and drink breaks so people can relax and take in the atmosphere of the march. These brief rest points will also act as a brief space to gather information, and to take stock of each situation as it arises.

We want to march to Farmleigh House to express our dissent. We have the right to protest in our own city. If we are stopped by police lines it is our intention to find ways around them.

We respect diversity of methods of protest against Fortress Europe. Dublin is a big city and the Phoenix Park is the largest enclosed city park in Europe. There is room for us all to demonstrate in the way that we choose. If any group or individual wishes to take part in any other activity beyond the guidelines stated here that apply to the Dublin Grassroots Network march, we ask them to split off and separate themselves from the march.

We desire no physical confrontation with the Garda, the Army, or anybody on Mayday - and we never have. We have made all our plans for our No Borders Weekend of actions publicly available for months. We do not intend to use any form of offensive physical confrontation on our march.

The Dublin Grassroots Network march will Bring The Noise to Farmleigh House. We do not want anyone to bring any weapons. People that bring weapons on the march are not welcome to participate and will be asked to leave.

It is everyone's responsibility to ensure the march is a safe and successful event. We are a community and we should all work together towards this end and look after each other's welfare. If you see someone that is acting in an inappropriate, explain to them the nature of this march and suggest that if they want to act outside of this that they first leave the march. Don't start shouting at them, just make sure that someone (if needs be you) approaches them and calmly explains that their behavior is not welcome here. If you don't feel comfortable doing this yourself, talk to the people around you. Take responsibility for the safety of yourself and others around you.

Finally we ask people to join us over the Mayday No Borders weekend. The State has circulated scare stories in the media through unnamed "security sources" to discourage people protesting against injustice and intolerance. Don't believe the hype! You have the right to protest on the streets - this is your city after all, it is not just for the EU bosses and their motorcades.