Endorsements of the first grassroots gathering

Below are endorsements from individuals who support the Grassroots Gathering along with in most cases some reasons why they think it is a good project. If you’d like to be added to this list please email nolongermaintained.


Individuals endorsing the Grassroots Gathering

Caitriona Mullan, Dublin

, community development consultant (personal capacity)

Kevin Doyle, Cork, Member of the Cork Anti-Bin Tax Campaign (HASC), Irish Writers’ Union, Free The Old Head of Kinsale and the WSM.

The forthcoming Grassroots Gathering offers us the opportunity to create a broad network of anarchists and libertarian socialists here in Ireland. As such, it is a major step forward. I’m looking forward to taking part. Let the motto be ‘We have a new world in our hearts”; the method - solidarity and direct action.

Laurence Cox, Dublin / Maynooth (community researcher, www.iol.ie/~mazzoldi/toolsforchange/)

I’ve been involved in networking between social movements in Ireland (community, ecological, political, alternative, anti-globalisation, spiritual) for several years. I think this is an important time to be talking to each other, with the development not only of “globalisation”, recession and war but the growing strength of movements for a better world. If we do not connect with and learn from each other, we will remain dependent on the goodwill of the powerful and fragmented as special- interest groups.

Jason Brannigan, Belfast. Anarcho-Syndicalist, shop steward and member of SIPTU, delegate to the Belfast & District Trades Union Council, anti-war activist and participant in the Belfast Anti-War group, member of the Belfast Local of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation;

I hope that the first libertarian network meeting will help bring together anarcho-syndicalists, anarchists and libertarians in Ireland to co-operate and support each other in the practical task of building a non heirarchical revolutionary movement in Ireland. As another endorser has already said our slogan should be ‘a new world in our hearts’ and our method solidarity and direct action. Couldn’t have put it better.

Aileen O’Carroll, Dublin, member of WSM, DARG and Liberties Against the Bin Tax

A few years ago I spend Mayday at an anarchist gathering in Bradford. It was brought together anarchists of all types, from the road protesters to the trade unionists, and of all ages, from those who remembered the misery of Thatcher to those who were fighting the blandness of Blair. It was the first meeting of its type and everybody there said how good it was that people were able to break down the barriers that has existed between them. I don’t think in Ireland we face the same problem of sectarianism as they faced in England. But we have problems of our own, chief of which is our isolation from each other. We all do good work in our own circles but the circles don’t often interlink. I’m looking forward to this meeting in the hope that it can be the first step in building a walking talking living radical network in Ireland.

Eamonn Crudden, Maynooth Videomaker interested in low budget documentary as a way of exploring social and political issues. Have done videos/tv pieces about legalisation of Heroin / Multiculturalism / Prague Protests etc. Presently working on dvd about Genoa Protests and related issues. Also involved with establishing Indymedia in Ireland.

Think the gathering is a useful idea as many not involved in or members of organisations or groups have met repeatedly in and around ‘action’ in the last couple years without time for reflection or discussion about possible future concerns and actions.

James McBarron, Cork, agitator

Well wouldn’t it be great if all those people who advocate bottom up ways of organising, total open democracy etc. got together had a yarn and worked out ways of helping each other sharing information and ideas etc. The Grassroots gathering is it and I’ll definitely be there.

Shane Dunphy, Monaghan (Course Leader, Applied Social Studies, Monaghan Institute of Further Education and Training.)

I have been interested in social movements and anti- globalisation strategy for some time, and was involved in the Ireland from Below* meeting a couple of years ago. I believe that the only way that we can change things is to mobilise as a group, and the only way to do that, is to start talking. * see http://www.iol.ie/~mazzoldi/toolsforchange/ifb.html

Deirdre Hogan, Dublin, anarchist, activist in the Dublin Abortion Rights Group and previously active in the Anti-Racism Campaign and Residents Against Racism.

I think the grassroots gathering will be a great opportunity to meet other libertarian activists and to try to organise together in a way that will make our voices stronger and more effective.

Richard K. Moore, Wexford (anti-globalization writer: http://cyberjournal.org)

Over the past few years I’ve been developing an analysis of what globalization is really about, through dialog with all sorts of experts and would-be experts, from ‘everyday folks’, to professors of history and economics, to activists and movement leaders. The conclusion I’ve reached is that globalization is basically a global power grab by a corporate elite, which aims to destroy liberal democracies as we’ve known them and install power and authority in a corporate global regime. The only way to oppose this development is through the kind of bottom-up network which this gathering seeks to promote.

Gregor Kerr, Dublin, member of the WSM and active in many campaigns over the past few years, most notably as Secretary of the successful Federation of Dublin Anti Water Charge Campaigns and more recently an activist in the Anti Racism Campaign.

As a member of the Irish National Teachers Organisation, I have been active in campaigning against ’social partnership’. I look forward to the establishament of a network through which we will be able to assist each other in our various campaigns and struggles and share our experiences in those struggles

Nancy Serrano, Limerick, Gluaiseacht,

I want to be attend the weekend conference on non-hierarchical structures because I want to learn how to bridge the gap between understanding what a non-hierarchical structure is, and practically functioning in this way. I feel like too many people dimiss anarchy etc. because they cannot find ways of operating in this manner under the rules they are used to following in their day-to-day lives. And because this doesn’t fit into how we’re used to living our lives,( .i.e. being competitive, majority votes win, deciding for others, letting others decide for us) people trap themselves into not looking for answers to these problems, beyond their present reality.

Andrew Flood, Dublin,anarchist, maintainer of the struggle site and involved in the ‘anti-capitalist globalisation’ movement since the 1st encounter in Chiapas, 1996

I’m hoping that the gathering will greatly improve communications and solidarity between different struggles in Ireland. In particular I think it represents a chance for activists in different spheres of activity that are all too often isolated from each other to come into contact and build for the future.

The Path, Dublin

Would like to add my name to the list of endorsers. A horizontal structure of aligned groups leads to positive interaction and fresh ideas being generated. From my perspective I’ve always been encouraged by the medium of freesheets and fanzines - they’re a total grassroots culture, and their potential as an agent for change and as a vibrant organic culture is immense. Any meeting of minds that encourages collective action yet at the same time recognises the differences and diversity of the individuals and groups involved has to be a good thing. Count me in.

Oh yeah the [path] is a regular freesheet distributed around Dublin, dedicated to culture, truth, freedom and pleasure. Articles/topics covered in the past include Monto, CCTV, Genoa, the M50 manifesto, the Scum manifesto, the human audiosphere, suburban life, anti-TV, the Limerick Soviet, the future, and the present, among others. If you dont pick up the paper version you can read it online at http://thumped.com/thepath, there are some photos and videos on the site also.

Garth, Belfast, Secretary, Anarcho Syndicalist Federation Hope this project will enable libertarian / anti authoritarian groups to better co ordinate their efforts and present a cohesive alternative to top down organisation

Robert Allen, An Talamh Glas/BLUE (www.bluegreenearth.com)

Joe Moffat Dublin

Hello all, this is a call to support a Grassroots Gathering that will happens in Dublin on November 24 and 25. As a political activist committed to a participatory empowering mode of class struggle, I think its essential that all like minded people share their experiences and perhaps resources. Personally I hope that this GG can allowing a popularising of our shared beliefs. Stay well and keep on truckin.

Al, Co. Down, co-editor of ‘Resistance’ (anarchist bulletin)

I endorse the aims and objectives of the ‘Libertarian Network’ in the hope that, among other things, it will help improve relations between individuals and/or groups wishing to create the conditions for a broad-based anarchist movement in Ireland.

Oisín Gilmore, Shankill, Dublin

Ireland lacks any popular radical organisation/movement that has any coherent agenda at the moment. And I, as an advocate of liberty, think that an anti-authoritarian grassroots movement is the way to go. This Gathering has the potential to get this movement started Contact:oisg@hotmail.com, (087)9290163

Alan MacSimoin, Dublin, member of SIPTU and the WSM

I look forward to a network where libertarian activists can seek advice and assistance from others, and share lessons learnt in the multitude of struggles for a better world.

Davie Philips, Dublin, Sustainable Ireland Co-operative

I think we need an inclusive, decentralised approach to networking the grassroots in Ireland and therefore support this initiative.

Dermot Sreenan Dublin Secretary of the Dublin Anti-Bin Tax Campaign, Activist, Anarchist, Member of the WSM.

I think that it’s very important that strong links are established with libertarian activists - as we all come from a bankground of having to deal with the struggles to resist the erosion of peoples rights. I think the unity and coherency that will come from the Grassroots gathering shall set a good example of how to go about changing the world.

Brian Durney Naas, Kildare, editor and maintainer of Rebelweb

I think this is a unique project that can only further strenghten our movements in Ireland through solidarity and networking. I have high hopes for the project and look forward to the outcome. contact: durneys@gofree.indigo.ie web: www.rebelweb.cjb.net

Conor Mc Loughlin, Dublin - independent Music producer, DJ, anarchist and activist.

As an active member of the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Campaign Against Service Charges I have come to appreciate the crucial importance of democratic co ordinated grass roots action. We have to move beyond the limited “not in my backyard” to build effective links between individuals and groups committed to a new way of organising. Conor@krossphader.com www.krossphader.com

Nestor McNab, Rome, Italy, (member A-Infos Collective)

I would like to wish you all every success in your activities. The GG will hopefully be a valuable organisational tool in the fight against liberalist globalisation. Unfortunately, as I live abroad, I will be unable to participate in its activites. nestor_mcnab@yahoo.co.uk www.geocities.com/nestor_mcnab/