Cork Grassroots Gathering 12 report - November 2008

What was probably the 12th Grassroots Gathering took place in Cork this weekend with sessions covering everything from the crisis of capitalism and our response to Energy & food politics. through to Islam and feminism.


I just attended on the Saturday when at least 80 people were present. This is the Second Grassroots Gathering of 2008 following the long break after the Gathering in Rossport in 2005.

After the meetings on Saturday there was a meal and then a excellent cabaret and then an afters party that ended around 5am. Audio recording of one of the meetings and part of the cabaret to follow.

This audio is the opening contributions (Andrew Flood & James McBarron from the The Moment that We are In ' kicking capitalism while its down discussion. It's about 25 minutes in length. I'd my mic set to the wrong sensitivity so it didn't pick up the rest with enough clarity to use.

This audio is from the Chaos Cabaret on Saturday night when various people got up to do their piece. I missed some and not all worked in terms of recording (eg the mime based a round having an enormous lump of modelling clay on your head, see image). But here are some songs, instrumentals and even poetry to give you a sense of things. -

Thanks participants for your beautiful energy, it was all such glorious fun! by Ray - gg08corcaigh (pers cap) All of us involved in the organising of last weekend's event will be getting together soon over beverages and sticky buns etc. to reflect on all that happened at gg08corcaigh - the very good indeed, the merely good and the little bit of bad. We just about covered our organising expenses, and everyone got home hale, happy, sweating and energised (I hope!). We're going to have a good natter and review, and then we'll write the report/review of gg08corcaigh it deserves. In the aftermath of such a successful gathering, I feel that it would be very useful to have a record or report of the event from its inside, both the event itself and the organising effort that went into it; this could be very useful for new groups putting together future Grassroots Gatherings, for both inspiration and guidance.

I must express my gratitude to all my fellow-organisers for this gg08corcaigh for a job excellently done, to all workshop speakers/facilitators for making their topics interesting and accessible, to all performers at a most enjoyable cabaret eclectique, to the kids for being their beautiful selves, and to all who attended gg08corcaigh and made it all come alive with their infectious energy and enthusiasm. We'll see you all back here in a year or two at another Grassroots Gathering maybe?

We were flahed tired after it all for a few days, but the memories from the whole weekend will remain to enchant us long after the tiredness goes. there's a lot of life in the Grassroots Gathering yet!!