"All Aboard For May Day Mobilisation in Dublin"

Cork activists of the Grassroots Network are on their way to Dublin for the major mobilisation in the capital this weekend.


Press Release Cork Grassroots Network

Cork, April 28th, 2004

"All Aboard For May Day Mobilisation in Dublin"

Further Information: Kevin Doyle

Cork activists of the Grassroots Network are on their way to Dublin for the major mobilisation in the capital this weekend. Announcing the official endorsement of the protests, Kevin Doyle, a spokesperson for Cork Grassroots Network, added, 'The Government are running sacred of the protests that are happening in Dublin this weekend. They have overreacted to the fact that people are making an effort to show their opposition to the neo-liberal policies that are being foisted on us all. The Government has attempted to tarnish the protests with a violent image but the Grassroots Network is about "direct action" not violence. What we mean by "direct action" is effective protest and nothing else. Bringing out the riot police will not intimidate us.'

Thousands of leaflets have been handed out in the Cork area explaining the reasons for the protests in Dublin this weekend. In tandem a series of eight posters publicising the different issues to be addressed by the protests have also been circulated Munster wide. Top of the agenda is the undemocratic nature of the European Union,' said Mr Doyle. 'Decisions that affect the lives of millions across Europe are being decided by an elite who has the ear of the business and banking world. Profits are the priority, not people.'

'The name we give to these 'business friendly' policies is neo-liberalism - "Thatcherism" if you want. In the Cork area a good example is what has happened with domestic refuse collection. Cork City Council has imposed a huge charge. Each year it goes up and up. But the refuse charge is a 'flat tax' paid by every household irrespective of income. So the very rich pay the same as the poorest or the unemployed. It is wealth re-distribution by stealth and we must ask who benefits?

Cork Grassroots Network will also be targeting the specific attack on asylum seekers and economic migrants. 'Europe is now a fortress. To date over 3000 people have died trying to enter the EU zone simply because they wanted to work or to have some security from oppression in their lives. Three thousand lives gone! Why? For a border? Given our Irish history of emigration it is an outrage that such a vulnerable section of society has been targeted. The Fortress Europe mentality is also fostering an increasingly racist climate against other peoples of Europe. It is a policy of divide and rule, and once again it is working class people who suffer. If you are from the elite, you buy your way in and out of any country. Look at the owner of the Chelsea football club, the Russian billionaire Abramovich. But if you are poor, Fortress Europe means barbed wire and low pay. We don't want this type of Europe. We will be saying a big NO at the weekend!'

Cork Grassroots Network has recently taken the initiative to organise around issues in the Cork area. 'The Government is proud of its draconian response to this weekend's protests. But activists in the Grassroots Network are learning too. This weekend in Dublin will be a milestone. But afterwards we will be looking to the EU Health Ministers meeting in Cork in mid-May. This is yet another opportunity to focus attention on the undemocratic gravy train that the EU is, and we will be there to make the most of it.'