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Details of Oct 2012 Galway Grassroots Gathering


Grassroots Gathering
Community struggles - campaign strategies - developing networks
NUI Galway, Friday October 12 - Sunday 14

  • Communities against fracking and drilling; movements against austerity; other sessions
  • What it is, practical details, grassroots principles, call for volunteers

The initial call for the Mayday No Borders weekend


Initial call out from DGN for the Mayday 2004 protests

What was the Dublin Grassroots Network?

In the run up to the Dublin 2004 Mayday protests, the Dublin Grassroots Network suddenly leapt to prominence and almost became a household name. However, despite all the coverage, there was little examination of the nature of this network that organised most of the Mayday protests. This text briefly describes the network, where it came from, who is involved, how it works and where it is going. This text is taken from the old DGN site, DGN has not existed since 2005

GNAW callout for Dead Slow March for Peace Mourning the Death of Irish Neutrality and All Deaths in Iraq

The Grassroots Network Against War callout for a protest at Shannon on March 30 2003.  GNAW was formed at the 2002 Belfast Gathering.

Grassroots Network Against War plan for March 1st action at Shannon

This was the plan released by the Grassroots Network Against War for the Direct Action, at Shannon, on March 1st 2003.  GNAW was formed out of the Belfast Grassroots Gathering in 2002.  This plan was posted to ahead of March 1st.

Endorsements of the first grassroots gathering

Below are endorsements from individuals who support the Grassroots Gathering along with in most cases some reasons why they think it is a good project. If you’d like to be added to this list please email nolongermaintained.


Invitation to the first Grassroots Gathering (Dublin 2001)

This is the original invitation to the First Grassroots Gathering.

Program for 6th Grassroots Gathering (Galway)

First details of the Grassroots Gathering Six, which is happening in Galway on November the Eight and Ninth.

Call Out for the Dublin 2008 Gathering

Grassroots Gathering 2008 call-out: June Bank holiday weekend, Friday 30th May to Sunday 1st June, Dublin

The Grassroots Gatherings – an institution of the movement-building seen in Ireland post-2000 – are coming out of hibernation this June Bank Holiday weekend in Dublin. But it won’t be quite like before…

The story so far

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