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Joining the dots: Grassroots Gathering 2015

St. John Bosco Youth Centre, Drimnagh, Dublin
Friday April 17 (evening) - Sunday April 19th (afternoon)
We are coordinating with local water charges groups so as to fit in with the Burn the Bills demo.

Details of Oct 2012 Galway Grassroots Gathering


Grassroots Gathering
Community struggles - campaign strategies - developing networks
NUI Galway, Friday October 12 - Sunday 14

  • Communities against fracking and drilling; movements against austerity; other sessions
  • What it is, practical details, grassroots principles, call for volunteers

Welcome to the Grassroots Gathering site

Welcome to the archive Grassroots Gathering web site. 

The material from the previous gatherings and from groups like DGN and GNAW had become scattered over at least half a dozen web site and some material had vanished from the 'live' web all together.  I've recovered most of this and posted it all onto this single site to make finding 'historic' material easier.

Detailed Introduction to the Grassroots Gatherings - Networking a "movement of movements"


In practice, the Grassroots Gatherings – and groups linked to them – have become the main (and the only continuous) networking of the “movement of movements” in Ireland. To date 10 gatherings have been held between 2001 and 2005. [2 more were held in 2009 & 1 is planned for Autumn 2012] In keeping with the goal of autonomy and decentralisation, there has been no central committee; at the end of each gathering a group of activists has offered to host the next one in their own area and has got on with organising it in their own way, around an agenda set by themselves and with sometimes very different structures and themes.

History of Grassroots Network Against the War

This articles provides a history of the Grassroots Network against the War and its action's against the refueling of US War planes at Shannon airport.

Previous Gatherings

The Grassroots Gatherings have been going since 2001. Over that period of time different websites were used to promote the events and to record what happened. These are not all still in existence, over the next while we will assemble what we can and place it here.

In the meantime here's an incomplete list of previous Gatherings and where they took place.

Grassroots Gatherings to date

Robert Allen interviews Laurence Cox about the Grassroots Gatherings

When Ireland's commentators, journalists, spin doctors, economists, politicians, bureaucrats and business people speak of their homeland they see a reality that to them represents economic growth, wealth and prosperity. Their Ireland is a rich one, of economy and technology and modernity and growth - a thing they began to call the 'Celtic Tiger' during the boom years of the 1990s. It is epitomised by people like Michael O'Leary, chief executive of the low-fare airline Ryanair, who received ir�17 million for his shares after the company went public.

A Short History of the Grassroots Gathering

Rossport Gathering

Bt the end of 2006 the Grassroots Gatherings had been on going for half a decade. These are left-libertarian get-togethers involving anything between 100 and 250 people, they take place usually three times a year, with the location and organising team switching location each time, to avoid Dublin-centrism. Grassroots Gatherings have taken place in the west on three occasions (Limerick, Galway, and Mayo), in Dublin three times , and in Belfast and Cork twice.  This article written for by Terry looks at the gatherings in this period and what came out of it.

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