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Call Out for the Dublin 2008 Gathering

Grassroots Gathering 2008 call-out: June Bank holiday weekend, Friday 30th May to Sunday 1st June, Dublin

The Grassroots Gatherings – an institution of the movement-building seen in Ireland post-2000 – are coming out of hibernation this June Bank Holiday weekend in Dublin. But it won’t be quite like before…

The story so far

Report back from Grassroots Gathering 11 held over 2008 June Bank holiday weekend, Dublin.

The Grassroots Gathering 2008 took place in Casadh - a drug rehabilitation centre in the Liberties, Dublin over the sunny June Bank holiday weekend.

Grassroots Gathering 1 - The Important first Steps - Nov 2001

On the 24th and 25th of November an important event took place called the Grassroots Gathering in Dublin. Individual activists called for this meeting from the following organisations - Irish Mexico Group, Gluaiseacht, Workers Solidarity Movement, Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation, and the Alliance of Cork Anarchists.

Grassroots Gathering Five: a step forward for the movement

This is a quick personal report on the fifth Grassroots Gathering, which ran from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th June in the Teachers' Club, Dublin. The Gathering is a network of activists and groups opposed to neo-liberalism who are committed to non-hierarchical ways of organising and the use of direct action. It's been in existence for two years, giving birth to the Grassroots Network Against War last year. Each Gathering is independently organised by a local team who take it on themselves to create the space within which activists meet, discuss and organise actions.

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