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"All Aboard For May Day Mobilisation in Dublin"

Cork activists of the Grassroots Network are on their way to Dublin for the major mobilisation in the capital this weekend.


Program for 2nd Grassroots Gathering - Cork March 29th 2002

A session at the second gathering in progress

This is the original program for the 2nd Grassroots Gathering in Cork with a couple of photos taken during the Gathering.


Report on Grassroots Gathering 7 in Cork, March 2004

Over 100 activists from all over the country and some from abroad converged on Cork to discuss current issues in a non-hierarchical, democratic environment. The purpose of the gathering is to bring together individuals and groups who look forward to a society where people can decide their present and future in a truly democratic manner and who reject the authoritarian organisations of the state, religion and the typical workplace.

Cork Grassroots Gathering 12 report - November 2008

What was probably the 12th Grassroots Gathering took place in Cork this weekend with sessions covering everything from the crisis of capitalism and our response to Energy & food politics. through to Islam and feminism.

Cork Grassroots Gathering - Easter 2002

The second Grassroots Gathering was held over the Easter weekend in Cork. Some seventy people from all over Ireland took part. Areas represented included Cork, Dublin, Limerick and Belfast as well as a scattering of other counties including Kildare, Kerry, Clare and Sligo.

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