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Program of 3rd Grassroots Gathering in Belfast: Oct 25-28 2002

The 3rd Grassroots Gathering: The third Grassroots Gathering takes place in Belfast from the 25th - 28th of October (A Bank Holiday weekend in the Republic). It's happening at Giros. The Belfast GG kicks of with a 'critical mass' action on Friday the 25th meeting at City Hall at 5.30pm (so bring your bike if you can).

Report on the 3rd GG in Belfast October 2003

The third Grassroots Gathering was held in Belfast held over the weekend of October 26th – 27th 2002, it brought together over one hundred grassroots activists, environmentalists, union members, feminists, working people, anarchists, children and other assorted troublemakers from across the island and beyond. There were almost 20 different workshops on a wide variety of topics including Gender, Direct Action, Social Centres, Opposing US Military Use of Shannon Air, Workers Control, Reclaim the Streets, Confronting Sectarianism, and Forest Gardens.

Grassroots Gathering 8: Belfast - Oct 22-24 2004

This was the 8th GG & second in Belfast. The organising crew in Belfast decided to make a theme to the gathering. The theme was building safe communities, focusing specifically on addressing gender bias & racism.

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